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Technical Calibration and Standards Laboratory

Established in 2015, Technical Calibration and Standards Laboratory – TechCal is licensed under Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development.

TechCal is committed to delivering the premium quality of calibration, repair and certification services in UAE. TechCal is dedicated to rendering reliable calibration and repair services in different parameters including Electrical, Temperature, Pressure, Dimension, Torque, Valves, actuators(PICV), Lab Equipment, weighing scale, mass, Lux meters, Ultrasonic thickness gauges, Magnetic Yokes, UV & Lux Meters, X-ray, NDT Equipment, Time & Frequency, Optical tachometer, Surveying equipment(theodolite, total station) etc. to diverse range of industries that includes but not limited to Aviation, Marine, Automobile, Energy, Oil & Gas and Process Industries within UAE.

TechCal is accredited with Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC, formerly DAC) to meet ISO/IEC/17025 in order to ensure a high level of calibration and quality standards. TechCal performs calibration which is traceable through NPL, NIST, PTB, EMI or other international/ national standards institutes to the International Systems of Units (SI) or to accepted intrinsic standards of measurement.

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