Electron-X specialises in custom X-ray engineering solutions for industry and research. All work undertaken meets or exceeds current quality and safety standards. Our products and services include the following:

Rooms and Enclosures:

Electron-X X-ray Rooms and Enclosures
Electron-X X-ray Rooms and Enclosures

Electron-X designs, project manage and install shielded enclosures for X and Gamma radiography. Construction is usually lead-steel, lead-ply or concrete, often incorporating heavy motorised lead-lined doors. All rooms and enclosures are built to match customer requirements and to meet or exceed current standards and regulations.

X-ray rooms built for radiation shielding using varying materials and adopting different construction methods depending on factors such as enclosure size and location, X-ray source power and project budget. The structures can incorporate sample handling mechanisms, imaging systems, safety systems and powered doors where required.


Electron-X - X-Ray Cabinets
Electron-X – X-Ray Cabinets

Electron-X x-ray cabinets are designed and built to match customer’s inspection requirements. Factors affecting cabinet design include sample type, size and weight. Cabinets can be tailored to suit batch sizes and production capacity as well as to the individual defect analysis required. Other aspects such as available floor area and maximum floor loading are taken into consideration.

All Electron-X cabinets are built with an integrated safety system, which includes monitored door interlocks and emergency stop buttons, audible pre-warning and fail safe warnings lamps. Access doors can be sliding or hinged, manual or automatic and can incorporate a lead-glass viewing window to aid sample alignment and manipulation.

Standard units as well as a custom cabinet design service to suit specific products and inspection requirements. Cabinets can be provided with or without X-ray source, sample manipulator and imaging. For custom design we will advise on system practically, safety and ergonomics.

Safety Systems:martin_web

Electron-X designs, manufactures and installs integrated safety solutions to meet the requirements of IRR99 for warnings, interlocks and shielding. Systems can include fail-safe warning lights, trapped key interlocks, multiple source management and other features such as safe edges (on motorised doors).

Complete, integrated safety systems to suit any X-ray cabinet or room. Safety systems include warning lamps, fail-safe interlocks, emergency-stop button, etc. All our safety systems are built to meet or exceed IRR99 regulations.