Analytical Laboratory Equipmentanalytical-equipment-agilent-refurbished

Fameco Analytical is specialized in refurbishment* of second-hand analytical instruments of only the major brands. Instruments from Agilent, Waters, Perkin Elmer, Thermo, Merck, Hitachi, Varian, Shimadzu and many more are waiting for you. For all analytical instruments, Fameco provide you a 90 days warranty. Fameco carry an important inventory of instruments and parts as well as disposables at all time.

Clinical Equipment


Fameco Medical Instruments is specialized in refurbishment* of second-hand clinical laboratory equipment. A group of high-skilled sophisticated engineers takes care of refurbishing* our chemistry, hematology, coagulation and immunology analyzers. Instruments from Roche, Sysmex, Abbott, Biomerieux, Konelab, Tokyo Boeki and Siemens are waiting for you. Fameco delivers instruments along with spare parts and consumables and satisfies customers all over the world.

Fameco GME


Fameco GME is specialized in second-hand medical equipment of only the leading brands:

  • Refurbished Dialysis, Anesthesia and Ventilation instruments
  • Preowned Endoscopy, Electrosurgical and general medical equipment

All products are purchased from European clinics and hospitals directly.

All our refurbished instruments will undergo an exhaustive refurbishing process to ensure that it is in perfect working order, and then be sold with a 6-month guarantee on parts.

All our preowned instruments will be verified and checked by team of engineers, and shipped only if in good working condition.